#KriseAlsChance: Mentally fit – this is how you solve your energy problem!

Many people have an energy problem. We may call it “no time” or blame it on bad circumstances, but the truth is, a degenerate lifestyle is the reason why there is simply a lack of energy

A lack of motivation is ultimately just a lack of energy! Because when the energy is there, you will automatically be motivated.

In addition to fulfilling the basic needs of water, food, air and shelter (protection) there are only three real fundamental drives (= energy sources) that set each of us in motion:

  1. Propagation (sex).
  2. Society (social integration and family).
  3. Curiosity (learning and adventure).

Everyone by nature strives to satisfy these three needs – that makes them powerful sources of energy.

There are no basic needs that are really essential for survival, but they are fundamental needs for a fulfilling life.

If these three or even just one of them fall short, this will over time affect your energy level and well-being – you will be less happy!

By the way: Have you already become aware of this connection? That “energetic” basically means nothing else than to be happy?

Happy people have energy. And people are happy when they are healthy AND their basic needs are met.

Curiosity and adventure – it just depends on you

As simple as it may sound in theory, it sometimes turns out to be complicated in reality.

Neither increase nor society depend entirely on you.

Even if each of us has this endeavor, of course there are also excessive interests and thus arguments.

The curiosity, however, is exclusively in your hand. You decide what to do and what to do!

And the reality for many is that they do more or less the same day in and day out.

There is a lack of adventure, surprise, curiosity as the fundamental drive – and thus also enthusiasm!

Curiosity and enthusiasm ultimately go hand in hand. It is the fascination of the unknown that drives and inspires. We instinctively want to decipher it, understand it, explain it – and thus make it usable.

Curiosity is a survival advantage, so evolution “rewarded” it.

That is why people are by nature enthusiastic about new things for fascinating phenomena and for things that previously seemed inaccessible, inexplicable.

The curiosity shrinks, the stomach grows

But what happens if this enthusiasm withers because it is not fed? Because you slowly lose yourself in an everyday grind and freeze in routines?

Then the curiosity and with it the enthusiasm remains on the line – and your energy level with it!

Nothing against comfort. But if you make yourself too comfortable and rotten on the couch, you lose energy and motivation – and gain this loss of belly fat.

That makes sense if you realize that little energy ultimately means little movement . Those who feel tired usually prefer to lie down on the couch and “treat themselves” to something.

It happens insidiously, over years and for a long time without serious problems. But at some point this tiredness becomes permanent!

It’s a vicious cycle, because the more tired you are, the more rotten you get at home – and the more tired you get. Fatigue turns into lethargy, a habit that is difficult to break.

Sometimes relaxation is not the right answer to tiredness. Sometimes – especially when fatigue becomes permanent – this is simply a signal that curiosity is falling short!

That your life lacks variety and adventure. This does not necessarily mean extreme survival trips.

What is meant above all is a lack of spontaneity.

The more one freezes in routine, the less spontaneous one is usually. And that means almost everything is planned. Every little “excursion” is exercised beforehand in the mind. Potential problems are resolved that are unlikely to arise.

Would you like an example? When was the last time you went on a trip without checking the weather first?

Honestly, who is still surprised by the weather today when it can be found on the home page of almost every cell phone.

The thing is, when you plan everything, you naturally expect few unforeseen events and thus only collect cloudy experiences because your head switches to autopilot mode and attention wanes.

THAT is why a lot of people get bored.

Corona reveals problems

We see that now more than ever. Where social life has come to a standstill and everyone is forced to slow down, many know nothing what to do with themselves.

WAKE UP! Even with the current restrictions, there are basically so many options that never should be bored.

Life is a gift. It can’t be true that people keep getting bored.

This is the result of malnourished curiosity, an undernourished spirit of discovery, rigid routines, daily grind and a good deal of discouragement.

You need courage to be spontaneous. Planning less and living more spontaneously inevitably means taking risks because there are more unknowns in the equation.

The fear of it drives us into the comfort zone. The fear of it binds to the couch and the evening television program, which at first glance seems so beautifully harmless – and yet, with time, has been proven to be fatal can be.

Develop courage and escape boredom

The only way out? Learn to be brave. Courage is a skill.

With a good upbringing it will be trained from an early age, but nowadays a lot is geared towards safety.

It’s more about avoiding risks than learning how to deal with them – a guide to discouragement that inevitably leads to an anxiety-ridden lifestyle.

What is needed is a paleo lifestyle that leaves more space for spontaneity and adventure , more space for creativity and above all: for new things .

As soon as you give up a rigid mindset and open yourself to new things, it will automatically come into your life. And with it fascination and enthusiasm.

It is primarily mental blockages that tie you to your previous habits and create internal resistance to new possibilities.

Open the mind

These mental blocks have to be overcome in order to stay slim, both physically and mentally. Anyone who is reluctant to try new things becomes greasy at some point and carries a lot of ballast with them.

Ballast can only be got rid of by taking on new perspectives. By making one’s own beliefs aware and questioning them.

Words alone cannot underline the importance of making a habit of opening up to new things. Experiences are much more memorable and therefore more valuable. Therefore take a close look at how people age.

It couldn’t be more different. I’m sure no matter how old you are, you know all sorts of older people.

And if you look closely, you will be able to make two observations:

  1. Those who are willing and open to learn even in old age are mostly balanced, intelligent, healthy for their age, usually look younger and they are interesting because they can give helpful advice.
  2. Those who have always resisted change and stopped learning at a young age are mostly overwhelmed (because change is the only real constant in life), tend to be lousy, look older and frail, They usually carry a whole bunch of health problems around with them and, if we’re really honest, are stupid.

Those are definitely tough words. But I don’t want to avoid it either. It’s the hard truth and you’ve probably seen enough examples of it yourself.

Some will feel attacked. But it’s a sober observation.

Therefore ask yourself: How do you want to age?

The case is clear to me: In no case do I want to belong to the meaningless category 2 people. I want to stay interested and therefore interesting.

And that means: I have to stay fresh upstairs!

Bring a breath of fresh air to your head

Realizing this is the important first step. Basically 90% of the way is about being convinced of it. Once you have really convinced yourself of the importance, the action is quite simple: read, learn, grow.

Books change the world. They offer the opportunity to take on new perspectives, to learn from the experiences of others and thus to get to know yourself and sometimes to reinvent yourself.

Books can shake the world. Eight or nine out of ten books may “only” be interesting and instructive. But sometimes you have something in your hand that turns your world upside down. That creates a real paradigm shift. Then you can’t stop reading because of all the excitement and enthusiasm.

Books make and keep the pear fit. Just as our muscles, tendons, bones and joints need physical training, our brain needs mental training in order to become and stay healthy and fit. Books are the dumbbells of the brain!

Audiobooks as a game changer?

Even if you hate reading, there are alternatives with a similar effect. There are educational videos and clips, and most good books are also available as audio books.

I like to read myself, but sometimes I want to relax my eyes or just move around a little.

That’s why I’ve been a staunch Audible listener for years. In the beginning there wasn’t that much good content, but that has changed a lot in the last few years. Most good books are now also set to music.

That’s how I hear audio books on the train, on the bus, sometimes when I’m out and about in nature and Above all, a good audio book is always on when I do light mobility training and personal hygiene exercises at home ( 30-60 minutes per day). That increases motivation!

By the way, in my experience it is not so important whether you think you are learning more visually or aurally.

If it is interesting, it will grab and enrich you regardless of the format.

For example, I learn better when I have something in front of my eyes, as is the case with books. And yet there were audio books that captivated and banned me. Which have proven to be extremely educational and useful. Three of my favorite audio books are:

  • You don’t have to be liked by everyone : Adler’s psychology in dialogue form – a young man with all too well-known and widespread problems converses critically with an older philosopher. It takes some getting used to at first, but then it gets really gripping because, one after the other, exactly those questions are taken up that the reader asks – and you get answers! Adler’s findings solve problems that I’ve always had with Freudian psychology. This inevitably leads to determinism and that just doesn’t match my experience. Adler’s psychology, on the other hand, sees each person as a blacksmith of his own happiness – only the courage is missing for the necessary changes! From my point of view, a very valuable perspective that can help many people who always see themselves as victims of the circumstances and their past and who fail to recognize their real power and responsibility. Great book / audio book!
  • Take Control of Your Life: Fantastic audio book that should appeal to a lot of people. Case studies reveal really widespread, fundamental problems that few are really aware of. It shows how fears can block us (e.g. the fear of being rejected, the fear of change, etc.) and how these blockages can be resolved. For me as a coach, very important insights that help to get my clients where they really stand.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad : An absolute classic that hits a sore point: financial education. It is missing from school and can only be acquired on one’s own initiative. And that is urgently needed, because if you look around you find that many people cannot handle money. You spend a lot of money but don’t create real assets. In times of the emerging economic crisis, it is more important than ever to understand the difference between spending and investing.

Follow the energy

Books and comparable media are one side of the coin to get the head to open up to new things, to learn and to re-awaken natural curiosity.

The other side of the coin is action. It is important to open up when thinking as well as when acting.

Surely there is something that you always wanted to do and learn. Maybe play the piano. Or welding. Recognize wild herbs. Fishing. Growing wine. Inline skating.

Whatever it is, take the first steps. Don’t let mental blocks stop you. There are ALWAYS difficulties. That says nothing about sense and nonsense.

By thinking and analyzing you cannot determine beforehand whether you are on the “right” path. There is only one possibility and that is perhaps the most important advice I have ever received and pass on to all my clients: Follow the energy.

Follow the energy! That’s why I’m a fitness trainer. I could have chosen a thousand other paths and, as a physicist, had many options. But my physics studies were very demanding mentally. The material never gave me any problems, but it was exhausting to keep motivating me to learn something from it.

Fitness, on the other hand, inspired me from the start. Even as a schoolboy I devoured every magazine I could get my hands on. Effortless! I never thought of making a living from it. I was interested and felt energetic every time I looked into fitness.

That’s what curiosity is all about. To be open to new things and then to follow the energy to find “the right thing”.

Where the energy is waiting, curiosity can develop. That’s why I still read fitness books, articles and studies every day, although I have long since known far more than I should know about it To be able to work.

It is important to say goodbye to the youthful desire for certainty, because Certainty is the longing of fools. It sets rigid boundaries. There is no certainty! Those who are always sure fall into dogmatism, close themselves to learning and will at some point be overtaken by innovative people.


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