Heat-Diet: Proper nutrition in the heat

Let’s get straight to the point: It’s hot. How do you eat properly to cope better with the heat?

Because it is clear that nutrition has a significant influence on the entire organism and in particular on the energy and heat balance.

Naturally, people eat seasonally, that means the diet changes with the seasons.

In theory, now you could follow the same menu all year round. But it doesn’t make sense, because there is a close interplay between diet and environmental influences.

Would you like an example? In winter it is much more difficult to lose weight because it is cold outside and the body’s heat production is inhibited by the calorie deficit – it becomes twice as cold! This is something few talk about: losing weight in winter = freezing your ass off.

Conversely, it is not advisable to overload the body with food in summer in order to build muscle quickly. That is why you are less hungry on hot days! It is important to trust this intuitive feeling and to adapt the diet sensibly to special environmental influences.

Heat Diet: The Basics

Obviously, particularly lavish meals are more stressful on warm days, because on the one hand digestion has to work at full speed (that costs energy, which in turn releases heat in the body) and on the other hand the body already closes with it do has to keep a healthy temperature.

A double burden for the organism and a possible cause of circulatory problems.

But that doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to drive an excessively high calorie deficit – that wouldn’t be healthy either, keyword yo-yo effect. The heat diet is not primarily about losing weight, even if a slight fat loss is quite natural for this time of year.

The main thing is to cope well with the heat – and as a bonus at the same time, lose weight by eating right. Therefore, it is important to time the meals wisely , because it is especially hot during the day. Let’s go through it meal after meal.

Lunch and snacks

The pivotal point is lunch. At lunchtime and in the afternoon, the heat load is greatest, so lunch is canceled in the Heat Diet and replaced with small snacks.

The ideal summer snack consists of:

  • Fruits
  • Raw vegetables
  • Nuts

Alternatively, shakes are a good, refreshing variant


They provide energy, lots of nutrients, plenty of water, are easy to digest and taste good.

Staying hydrated is the most important thing to do in hot weather and fruits are a great help with that. On the one hand, because on busy working days you tend to forget to drink from time to time. And on the other hand because the body not only needs water, but also electrolytes.

Pure water only contains a small proportion of these. Fruits, on the other hand, are full to the brim with minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

Therefore, fruits are perfect for hot summer days. And let’s be honest, what could be nicer than eating pineapples and melons on hot days? While we’re at it: watermelon is THE trump card on hot days and at the same time good for the libido. A diabolical combination.

Important: The fructose is not a problem, especially not if you increasingly rely on fruits with a low energy density, such as all kinds of berries, apples, watermelon, apricots, peaches.

Worth reading in this context: Why watermelons don’t make you fat.

Fruits are a good source of energy – the best on hot days. Of course you shouldn’t eat bananas and grapes, which are the most energetic fruits, in bulk.

Concentrated fructose, for example in juices, is a different matter! This unnaturally high and fiber-isolated dose should be avoided.

Dried fruit should also rarely be on the menu, because there, too, the energy is much more concentrated than is the case in the fresh variant.

Raw vegetables

In addition to the fruits, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other fresh products from the vegetable department are ideal because they have a low energy density, are well filling, plenty of phytochemicals and valuable enzymes (these are destroyed).


Nuts have a high energy density, which is why number tabs like to warn against them. In reality, however, this is not a problem, because nuts are also very filling. Seriously, it takes some willpower to eat too many nuts.

In addition, they also provide a lot of micronutrients, but also important proteins and, above all, high-quality fatty acids. This fat is required by the body in the immune system, among other things, but also plays a key role in the utilization of fat-soluble vitamins (including vitamins A, E and K).

Important: It should be natural nuts. Nut kernels are okay as long as they haven’t been processed otherwise. Salted or roasted nuts should generally be avoided.

Protein Shakes

Proteins, apart from nuts, do not necessarily have to be missing. They are not necessary, but if you want to ensure a good protein supply, you can use protein shakes.

Whey protein in particular is ideal on hot days because, in contrast to natural animal protein sources, it is very easy to digest and therefore has a far less impact on the body’s heat production.

Top protein shake: The Arnold Shake. You should definitely try it, it replaces my lunch on hot days.


Insider tip: Steaks, nuts, fish, omelets and the like keep you full for a long time. Normally my breakfast therefore consists of plenty of protein and fat, rather less of carbohydrates (if there is no training session around breakfast, it would be more oatmeal).

Not so on hot days, however.

These products take a long time to digest and generate a lot of heat in the body. Usually a good sign because it keeps your metabolism busy and uses up energy.

However, this effect is rather undesirable in heat. Therefore, on hot days, classic variants such as oatmeal (maybe 1 egg) are better on the plan.

Bread / rolls are also okay, but preferably made from whole grain or paleo rolls (even if they contain more protein and fat, they are definitely healthier).


In the interests of satisfaction and also to heat up the metabolism, you should definitely eat your fill at least once a day (!) and on hot days the best time to do this is definitely in the evening after sunset, when the temperatures start to drop.

Plenty of protein, healthy fats (lots of olive oil, as is common in Mediterranean circles, tastes good and protects the cells) and vegetables should be on the menu here.

Carbohydrates do not need to be included, because enough of them have been consumed during the day.

Drink a lot …

Just for the sake of completeness: Of course, on hot days you have to drink a lot of water (!) to compensate for the increased fluid requirement.

Dehydration is the archenemy of performance.

Heat Diet: Desired Side Effects

The Heat-Diet is designed to protect the circulation and to cope better with greater heat.

It works because it ultimately follows natural instincts: On hot days you feel less hungry because the digestion of large and complex foods such as meat generates heat in the body.

However, the body is already busy maintaining its temperature.

The relief of the circulation through the heat diet, however, also leads to the fact that you lose a little body fat because you eat a little less and the circulation is still challenged by the heat.

In addition, this food makes you feel “lighter” and more motivated to do something during the day. The energy low in the afternoon is canceled!

Because of the many fruits, the body stays better hydrated and you can feel that too, because you have more energy.

In addition, one is much more mobile, because no cutlery is required, the “preparation” hardly takes any time and everything can be taken with you without any problems.

Heat-Diet: Synergy effects through the right mindset

There is a very strong mental component in everything we do. We can only generate fears and suffering through our own thoughts, that is the reality that every psychologist is confronted with on a daily basis.

Hence, we can make heat ourselves worse than it is objective.

Conversely, however, we can endure it best if we approach the matter with the right mindset.

It is therefore in our hands and with the combination of proper nutrition and a constructive mindset, synergy effects can be generated, which means that we can not only withstand extreme temperatures, but also enjoy them.

That’s why I would like to conclude with this article, which should be a revelation for many: No more complaining – this article will change your life.


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